What is Viral Content?

For any brand nowadays social media visibility has become a common check the box digital marketing drill with a business profile in LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram, page in Facebook or an YouTube channel. However, most brands post their official events, achievements, product or service showcasing or just observing important days as part of social media content which as audience seems nothing interesting to engage, share or talk about unless there is a viral trait in it.

Any content which has the attribute of being shareable by virtue of it's rare and relevant information, trendy issue of debate or display of humor and wit, social awareness, exciting offer or even any cringy meme which the social consumer feels the rush of dopamine to induce the word of mouth as psychologically human beings mostly revel in public. So are we creating enough socially viral content for our brand to attract organic traffic? But the real challenge is creating a viral content that really relate to my brand and trigger the brand recall. Otherwise, the lethal message delivered by the content may castle the stumps of the audience but the brand may end up on the losing side!

Video Vs Live Streaming

The LIVE Streaming service may have been launched by Facebook in 2016, and YouTube way back in 2011, but the pandemic world saw the exponential rise of live broadcasting as a household phenomenon. The recent surveys also confirm that video posts in  social media have been outperformed by LIVE streaming with respect to engagement, longer watch time and organic reach. When the future of viewing experience is VOD & OTT, multicast streaming has seen a spike in social media events and social proof broadcasts.

No only the celebs and social influencers have been the early adopters of the LIVE media, but in the world of era of 15 sec viral fame (Reels size) the digital marketeers and affiliate promoters have been simulcasting (Streaming in several social media at a time) curated LIVE content using several streaming services like Restream, Streamyard, OBS. The best part of streaming branded content is that after the Broadcast is over, it becomes a sharable video as well as premiere recast. QTV LIVE ( Quarantimetv ) is a digital platform for content creators, artists, performers, influencers, educators & entrepreneurs to multicast LIVE streaming content from Home | Studio | Venue and also cover press meets, release, events, campaigns & social issues.

Word Of Mouth Tactics

WOM Marketing is the best form of advertising which is an organic means of consumer-to-consumer sharing of positive experience and as per survey 92% of consumers trust their friends over traditional and paid advertising media. Our buying is still influenced mostly by friendly recommendation and social reviews rather than celebrity endorsed ADS. However, the word-of-mouth reference is rewarded by affiliate marketing. is a platform for freelancers who would seek to earn from word-of-mouth reference with social proof. They are free to remain anonymous or choose to be public. The best part is Businesses can share their product / service / marketing kit for FREE for Reflancers to provide review, reference and leads and expect rewards on successful completion of buying cycle. The Social influencers are also welcome to earn by endorsing and promoting content. Blogging platforms like provide organic content marketing in the form of review articles, press cover, event vlogs and brand interviews to LIVE FAQ service through LIVE Streaming.

Best E-Property To Invest.

Just the way we often desire to buy a property as a life milestone, in the digital world our address is also vital for our connections and clients to reach us. The last two decades we were known by our email address or chat id, the present era is all about our social footprint. However, in the professional world a website is still the most authentic and official address you should own, even if you are not operating your business from any physical office!

Just as your company name has to be unique to get registered, your domain name is also your sole entity in the cyber space. Today people first check the domain availability before naming a company. The brand visual entity is built online first with a logo as most early entrepreneurs create their free business page in Facebook or LinkedIn even before their business hoarding is up. However, our initial spur is often dominated by our emotion rather than logical and business acumen. So we often fail to make the relevant decisions in considering the target audience, competitive index, trend and future analysis and the demand that our online real estate will have as a value proposition if not as an exit policy evaluation!

Web Vs App / Mob Vs PC

Presently there has been an exponential rise of apps in the different platforms as enterprises and aspirant entrepreneurs are seeking to step up from the website to create a dedicated userbase. The consumers are mostly available in mobile but unlike websites, apps demand a space in their device and that is why people are choosy about the utility and relevance when it comes to installing a new app.

Now one should judiciously decide on whether to choose website, web app, native or hybrid app as the medium of reaching the target audience for providing service or sell products. Nowadays the responsive websites are most common and often the best platform on the internet. The apps on the other hand are software applications which can be accessed by installing after downloading from a particular platform like Android or iOS. The native apps are the dedicated built applications for specific platforms, while the hybrid or web apps are simply converted to .apk or .ipa files compatible for the stores. Generally the native apps are more scalable, secure, optimized UI & UX and mostly faster than the hybrid or shell apps and therefore costs much higher than simple web apps. So our choice depends on the criteria of scale, budget and the business goal.